ECS Dr. Merck, Ear Correction System, Constance, Germany
This forum aims at comparing Dr. Merck's stitch method with traditional methods as well as documenting experiences with both kinds of operations.
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  Topic: Question about payment of otoplasty

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 05.10.2012 12:09   Subject: Re: Costs for stitch method for a child
Dear Andrea,

Since today is a holiday, I am still sitting at the computer and able to answer your additional questions right away.

The operational costs are the same for children and for adults ...
  Topic: Reversing otoplasty?

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 13.10.2006 14:30   Subject: Reversing otoplasty?
Dear bono

If an ear has been positioned too closely to the head with the traditional method, it cannot be reversed with my method.

Kind regards,

  Topic: Deep conchal bowl

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 13.10.2006 14:26   Subject: Deep conchal bowl
Dear jdc

The Furnas operation is not a minimally invasive method, but one of the traditional methods involving the opening of the ear. In my experience, I have seen that this operation is no longer ...
  Topic: Always a fixed price?

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 16.09.2006 21:01   Subject: Always a fixed price?
Dear ntn88ntn,

The amount of work is the same if one ear sticks out a lot or if it only sticks out a little bit. That's why the price is always the same and can't be reduced.
In any case, if you a ...
  Topic: Misunderstandings of the term "stitch method"

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PostForum: Dr. Merck's stitch method   Posted: 16.09.2006 20:48   Subject: Misunderstandings of the term "stitch method"
Dear dday,

To guarantee that the stitch method has been correctly understood, we hand out this kind of information (including photos) only in our seminars for physicians. If the physicians have und ...
  Topic: your new otoplasty method stands out from the old methods

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PostForum: Dr. Merck's stitch method   Posted: 16.09.2006 20:39   Subject: your new otoplasty method stands out from the old methods
Dear Dr. Med. Rafael GutiƩrrez,

I am glad to hear that you are interested in learning the Stitch Method. To learn about the costs and the arrangement of an appointement, I ask you to send an e-mai ...
  Topic: Where to stay in Mallorca?

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 21.06.2006 12:30   Subject: Where to stay in Mallorca?
Dear Zimmy,

The clinic is not very far from the city of Palma de Mallorca.
There you should be able to find some nice hotels to stay at.

Kind regards,
  Topic: Any doctors operating in the U.K. under this method?

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 05.04.2006 22:22   Subject: Any doctors operating in the U.K. under this method?
Dear George Millar,

At the moment, I cannot provide exact dates or information on the clinic in the UK. You will hear from me, when I know more.

Many regards,
  Topic: Discontinue medication before operation?

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 28.03.2006 20:53   Subject: Discontinue medication before operation?
Dear Guest,

The only medication you have to discontinue before the operation is Aspirin or any other medication that makes the blood thinner. Please discontinue Aspirin 14 days before the operation ...
  Topic: Are you going to Majorca for good?

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PostForum: General topics   Posted: 28.03.2006 20:50   Subject: Are you going to Majorca for good?
Dear Claudia,

I don't intend to go to Majorca for good. I will continue working in my Constance practice. You can find out about the exact times when I will be operating in Majorca by calling my se ...
  Topic: Traditional methods of otoplasty

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PostForum: Old methods of otoplasty   Posted: 13.12.2005 18:38   Subject: Traditional methods of otoplasty
This posting was last updated 6 September 2013 by Priv.Doz.Dr.med.W.Merck

For the old or traditional ways of otoplasty there are a few standard methods and countless modifications of them. All of t ...
  Topic: Gentle way of otoplasty: Dr. Merck's new stitch method

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PostForum: Dr. Merck's new alternative stitch method   Posted: 13.12.2005 17:58   Subject: Gentle way of otoplasty: Dr. Merck's new stitch method
This posting was last updated 27 March 2016 by Priv.Doz.Dr.med.W.Merck, who developed the stitch method 1995 and first used it in 1996:

My stitch method is the first closed, truly minimally invasiv ...
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