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This forum aims at comparing Dr. Merck's stitch method with traditional methods as well as documenting experiences with both kinds of operations.
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Experiences by operated patients

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Dr. Merck

PostPosted: 28.12.2005 13:49    Post subject: Experiences by operated patients Reply with quote

To all the patients who are interested in the Stitch Method

I operated on ears with the traditional method for fifteen years, and never received a thank-you-letter from a patient, not even when the result was positive. No doubt this was due to what the patients had to go through during this method - from having pain for days, to the hospital stay and the wearing of a bandage for at least two weeks. I do not even know of a colleague operating with the traditional method who ever received a thank-you-letter.

When I started operating according to the stitch method I invented in 1996, I got so many thank-you-letters and photos that they filled a whole folder. Any patient who visits my clinic in Constance can view this folder. I am no longer allowed to show them on my homepage on www.merck-ecs.com, as per German law.

Some of the latest thank-you-letters are posted here.

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familie schrempf

PostPosted: 08.01.2006 14:11    Post subject: Experience reports Reply with quote

Dear Dr. Merck and Team
We would like to thank you very much for all that you have done for our son Luca. Since the operation, Luca is a lot more confident and very happy with his new ears. As an attachment, I'm sending you a few photos of a very happy child that you, Dr. Merck, saved from a lot of teasing. Please also find enclosed, a few photos of my husband who had an operation with the traditional method when he was a child. Thanks to your stitch method our son won't have such scars.

Thank you very much to all the team!
We're glad we decided on the stitch method operation.

Best regards

M. Schrempf


Dear Ms. Op de Hipt,

Sorry that we have not been in touch for a long time, but we've been very busy in the shop over the Christmas period and I just didn't have the time to report back to you, but I can do that now.

Luca's ears have healed very well and there have been absolutely no problems. He doesn't even complain about pain when he bumps his ear really hard.

I'd like to tell you and Dr. Merck about a few positive things that have happened since the operation. Luca has been playing handball since the summer of 2005. At the beginning I was concerned about his ears and whether it was too soon after the operation, but there was absolutely no problem. Two weeks after the operation he was able to do somersaults again. At the first handball tournament Luca was the goal keeper, and of course a ball hit him right on his ear. I thought that was the end! But nothing really happened and he said it didn't hurt, although that was only five weeks after the operation.

Between Christmas and Epiphany Luca's kindergarden was closed so we had him in the shop. A lot of customers have known him since he was a baby and had not seen him for a long time because he's normally at kindergarden. When they saw him, they were very surprised how much he had changed. Everyone agreed that he looked great and that it was the right thing to do.

Also our relatives who first saw him at Christmas were surprised. When they asked us how it went, we were able to say: Absolutely fantastic! My cousin who is a nurse in a clinic in Bayreuth, was completely surprised that she could not see any scars, since she has seen a lot of ears after otoplasty.

We had a wonderful experience with our pediatrician. Luca had a preventive medical check-up with a doctor who has known him since birth. We hadn't told him anything about the operation ? you can imagine what his reaction was like: his jaw dropped and his eyes were as big as saucers. He examined Luca''s ears thoroughly and he said he'd never seen such good work in his entire career (25 years!). So, Dr. Merck, this compliment is for you alone. We gave the pediatrician your internet address, because there are a few more children he wanted to recommend this method to.

Last week a woman from Berlin called us and asked us about the operation and the time afterwards. We think it is great to talk to parents who have the same problem we had. This woman talked to my husband. Unfortunately, I was not at home, but they must have had a really nice long chat. She herself had had otoplasty with the usual method and must have had enormous pain afterwards. I can only hope she opts for the stitch method. My husband really tried to recommend your method to her.

At the moment there is nothing more to report. We are still availabe to give further advice. Do not hesitate to give our telephone number and e-mail address to people who are interested in the stitch method. We will be glad to help and support you.

I have found some more pictures from Easter 2005 (before the operation) but of course I also want to show you the latest ones. Perhaps you could use these pictures in your forum.

Best regards,

Manuela Schrempf,
with husband
and of course Luca
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Familie Mümken

PostPosted: 15.01.2006 22:34    Post subject: Thank-you-letter Reply with quote

Dear Dr. Merck,
We want to thank you for a very successful otoplasty operation by writing you this letter. The fact that you spend quite some time explaining everything to us, made us very happy. After the informationsl talk we were very relieved and realised that we really were in very good hands.
All of our friends are very thirlled about the results of the operation. Luca is so proud of the result and the way he behaved during the procedure that he has grown 10 cm. I have taken some photos so that you can see the overall result, too. Please say thank you also to the anaesthesist. It was great how he explained everything to Luca and took away his fear of the anaesthesia.

Thank you for everything you've done for us!

Best regards,

Family Mümken
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Mathias A.

PostPosted: 16.01.2006 22:22    Post subject: Thank-you-letter Reply with quote

Dear Ms. Op de Hipt,
Dear Dr. Merck,

Although it's late, I want to thank you, Dr. Merck, anyway for the result of your otoplasty on me in Constance on the 14th of November, 2005.
My family and friends are thrilled by the result of your work and I am very pleased myself ? I keep asking myself why I did not come to see you earlier.
Thanks to the Spanish-speaking assistent and to Ms. Op de Hipt for the friendly, smooth and professional Work.
I will absolutely recommend you!
Should you find the time during your visits to Majorca to come to the small "sister" island Ibiza, I would be glad if you stopped by at the club. I wish you and your team a Happy New Year!

Best regards from Frankfurt am Main

M. A.
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Dr. Merck

PostPosted: 10.02.2006 02:11    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Mathias A.,
I'm glad that you are so happy. I happily accept the invitation.

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