ECS Dr. Merck, Ear Correction System, Constance, Germany
This forum aims at comparing Dr. Merck's stitch method with traditional methods as well as documenting experiences with both kinds of operations.
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Result of operation

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PostPosted: 11.02.2006 14:20    Post subject: Result of operation Reply with quote

Dear Dr. Merck,

My name is Sebastian and I am 15 years old. I thought for a long time about an operation for my ears,which protruded more than 90° and which were very large. The operation was done by your TOP-colleague, Dr. Hoffmann, in the Constance Clinic. It wasn't possible for me to have only the stitch method because my ears were very big. Dr. Hoffmann used a combination of methods. He removed a piece from the large auricles and then used your stitch method to bring my ears closer to my head. I am very glad to have had this operation. Your method is absolutetly great, and in combination with the removal of a piece it still worked without many complications. The only thing was that after a few weeks, the end of one thread came out of the skin, but it was no problem as Dr. Hoffmann cut it and everything healed just fine!

I have one question: Can it be that some people get the feeling that their ears are protruding again although that's not possible? Because I get that feeling. Can it be my mind, because I've suffered from it for so long? Because all of my friends say that my ears are not protruding again!

Well, in any case, I, as a youth, can only recommend the method and in the name of all ex-jug-eared people, I want to say thank you for inventing this great method!

Carry on, thank you!

Sebastian Kumpf
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Dr. Merck

PostPosted: 11.02.2006 19:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Sebastian,

I am glad that you are happy with the result. Whether it is just in your mind or whether the ears have indeed moved further away from the head, I cannot ascertain without having seen you. Should the ears move 1 or 2 mm from the head without protruding again, this is not of any consequence. Please keep in mind that ears are living material that keep in motion after the operation and that it cannot be ruled out that they change their position very slightly. However, I've often heard that operated patients only imagine that their ears protrude again.They are probably only afraid that their ears could protrude again one day.

Best regards,
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